Below you will find a link to register for one of our events.  If you are looking to do a retreat or a day event and have not contacted us please call us at (434)369-5053  as we must create your event before you can register.  If you wish to register for summer camp you will find the dates on the registration page.  This link will take you to ultra camp our registration partner that has a secure option to handle registration online.  Once you get to ultra camp you will see the list of available sessions.  When you find the session that you wish to register for you will: (note if you have already been through this process feel free to skip down below or click here)
1. Click on the event
2. Select the button that says "Register for this session"
3. Either enter your current account information or create a new account.  If you have an account already and have logged in you can skip to step 5.
4. Enter all of your information under the Create account page.  Once the information is entered then add a password of your choosing and click "Create Account" button.
5. It will then ask you to select eligible users, either select your name or your child's name as the user and click "next"
6. Next enter the quantity of people you wish to register for and hit the "next" button.
7. After filling out the next several forms it will take you to the donation page, if you wish to give to the scholarship fund you may do so here, if not then you can click on "No thank you".
8. From here you may either "add a reservation" or "review items in my cart and checkout".  You will want to select either on of these.  Please note that if you click on review items it will give you the option to pay the deposit which is required for registration or pay in full.
9. Once you click "review items in my cart and checkout" then next page will show you your total.  You will then click "Proceed to Payment".  Again it will give you the option to pay the deposit which is required for registration or pay in full.
10. Once in the payment page you will see that you can "Pay all items in full" or "Pay the minimum amount due" click whichever one you would like.  Please note that unless you pay the deposit it will not keep your registration.  Deposits must be paid in order to secure a registration. 
11. You will be given the option to pay via e-check or credit card.  Chose whichever one you would like and enter the information and submit payment and you will be registered. 
If you have any questions call us toll free at (434)369-5053 or email us at